My best days are consumed with my passion for sculpting figurative works that are anatomically correct, realistic, stylizations of individuals or allegorical figures.  Additionally, creating abstract sculptures speaks to my soul and seldom represents reality.  I love to work in bronze, clay, resin, plaster, fiberglass and mixed medium.  Occasionally, I restore bronze and stone monumental works.  I make my day to day living refinishing and finishing furniture, entry doors, woodwork, and staircases.  Refinishing involves the time consuming, painstaking step of striping.  I approach the craft of finishing with the eye of the artist.



Before graduating with a BA in Art from Guilford College in1973, my first glass studio had been built.  This and two other studios over the next 8 years generated fine hand-blown glass which I marketed throughout the Southeast.  The same year I completed my course work and exhibit for my MFA in Studio Arts at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, I began making monumental bronze sculpture. The painting and finishing business began during graduate school and grew between commissions of monumental sculpture.  I wrote my MFA thesis in 1988.  I worked at Shidoni Art Foundry from 1989-1991.   My work at Shidoni included enlarging sculpture, mold-making, wax chasing, welding, and pouring bronze.  The two years (2003-2005) I spent at Gravois Planing Mill finishing commercial woodwork, we primarily used pre-catalyzed lacquer and conversion varnish.   Today, I look for quality jobs painting, finishing, or sculpting.  The more challenging the projects, the more I enjoy them.